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The most wonderful sports weekend of the year is rapidly approaching…SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!

Ever since I’ve had a place of my own, I’ve hosted a Superbowl party.  My Indianapolis Colts aren’t playing in it this year (it’s a rebuilding year…and we’ve done a darn good job!) which makes me a MUCH more relaxed hostesses!  I can cater to my guests without worrying about wanting to see every minute of play and every slow-motion replay!

Usually, I prepare several hot appetizers, dessert and beverages for my guests.  It takes me the better part of Sunday afternoon (and some of Saturday) to get ready.

This year, we have a six-week old in the house, so I’m taking the easy way out.  Hubby is bringing home pizza dough from work and I bought the pizza toppings to make pizza at home (so it’s not totally the easy way out…when I was pregnant with Munchkin #1, I really cheated and just ordered delivery!).

Here are some Superbowl-themed pinspirations to inspire your own party…

Source: The Country Chic Cottage

My dessert this year is going to be chocolate cupcakes, just like these ones!


Source: Smells Like Home

I made these pretzel dogs last year and they were amazing!  I will admit, it’s a long process to make these, but since I had everything else prepped ahead of time, I was able to do them.  The serving plate holding them was the first one to be empty!

superbowl4 superbowl3

Source: Catch My Party

I don’t go all out and decorate because for me, it’s all about the food and the game, but these are some cute printable decorations if you are that motivated.  Maybe next year, I will be.



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