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I mentioned in my romantic pinspirations post a few weeks ago that I was planning to make a date jar, filled with large popsicle sticks with date ideas printed on them.

I finally got around to it, and it cost me a grand total of $3.29.  The large popsicle sticks were $1.29 and the awesome “A” bling sticker for the jar was $2.


This project was super easy. I stuck the “A” sticker (our last name starts with A) onto a leftover glass jar I had.


I painted the popsicle sticks with one coat of white acrylic paint so the Sharpie marker wouldn’t bleed when I wrote the date ideas on them.  I added a little bling to each of the popsicle sticks too.

Here are my date ideas if you want to make your own (most ideas from The Poe Fam and Life in the Greenhouse, some from my own head!):

  • Movie Night In
  • Dessert Only Date
  • Dinner and a Movie
  • Wine and Cheese Night
  • Appetizer Only Date
  • Coffee/Hot Chocolate Date
  • Try a New Restaurant
  • Picnic Date (picnic on the carpet if the weather is bad/cold)
  • Takeout and Board Games
  • Pizza and Video Games
  • YouTube Date (take turns finding videos to make each other laugh)
  • Breakfast Date
  • Restaurant Hop (appetizers at one, dinner at the second, dessert at a third)
  • His Turn to Plan
  • Her Turn to Plan
  • Slumber Party Date (pajamas, snacks and TV in bed)
  • Fondue Night
  • Ice Cream Sundaes
  • Blackout Date (choose your own activity, but do it by candlelight)
  • Dress up Fancy Date

Can’t wait for fun dates with my hubby!  I know he’ll look forward to the video game date!

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Well, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Hubby has decided that we will stay in to celebrate the “holiday” this year so I’m tasked with the job of coming up with a fantastic menu to make for him.  I have some ideas and new recipes I want to try…I guess I should have a backup pizza in the freezer just in case it doesn’t work out!

In light of the romantic holiday coming up, here are some ideas to inspire you!


Source: Spotted Sparrow

Honestly, I’d probably never do this because my hubby would probably look at me like I’m crazy.  I do like how they look like real tickets and if I were going to make a coupon book for him, I’d make it full of coupons for an hour of shared video gaming time.  He’d LOVE that!


Source: Life in the Greenhouse

Hubby and I have a hard time deciding what to do for our dates, so I’m going to do this…when I get around to it.  I’ve already bought the large popsicle sticks and have plenty of glass jars.  I like how the sticks are painted different colours to signify dates that involve more or less money.  Now it’s just a matter of actually being creative enough to think of enough date ideas to fill the jar!


Source: The Poe Fam

This is along the same line…it’s a scrapbook album with a year’s worth of dates.  The author has some great ideas for stay-at-home dates, which are all practically free after the munchkins are in bed.  I’ve seen another idea on Pinterest that includes money in envelopes to pay for each date.  How awesome would that be?  Perhaps an idea for my payroll deduction savings bond money next year!

With a new baby in the house, this will probably be a year for “at-home” dates in our household so these are some good ideas to get us started!


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