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I think it’s time that I start posting my monthly to-do lists again.  I need the accountability to having to report my success to all of you in order to keep me motivated!

Here is what I want to accomplish in March:

For Me:
-Complete the 30 Minute Shred workout everyday
-read the book I have signed out from our church library

Crafts/Home Decor:
-complete 4 scrapbook pages (I am determined not to let my lack of organized craft space cause me to fall even further behind!)
-put up beadboard wallpaper in the basement craft room

-install closet organizers in T-bug’s closet
-start (if not complete) entryway project…so excited about this one!

-try two new recipes
-make my own pasta

-add T-bug to my work benefits plan
-make appointment with the bank to update RESP plan


In case you’re wondering, I’m going to refer to my boys as D-bear and T-bug from now on…instead of Munchkins 1 and 2.


I found this idea while surfing in blogland and thought it was neat…a list of things I would like to do in my lifetime…a bucket list, if you will.  I’m not going to be dissatisfied with my life if I don’t achieve all these things; it’s more of a wish list than a ‘must-do’ list.  I’m sure it will evolve as I grow older and my priorities change…that’s why it’s just a rough draft!

House and Home:

  • have a walk in pantry
  • have a fully functioning, beautiful craft room
  • have an ensuite bathroom (preferably with a whirlpool tub 🙂 )
  • host an annual holiday party for friends and family
  • have a room designed by Sarah Richardson (this may be more of a pipe dream!)
  • create a “command central” for our home…where schedules, chores, etc can be organized
  • have a garage I can park my car in
  • have in-floor heating in my home


  • take an annual family vacation
  • help my hubby and son create their own life lists and help them achieve it
  • have a regular date night with hubby
  • have a regular family night with hubby and my son

Health (Body/Mind/Spirit):

  • run a 10K race
  • become the type of person who exercises regularly
  • read the Bible cover to cover
  • be able to enroll in a once a week class (my current rotating schedule doesn’t allow that)
  • read 20 classic novels
  • read all of Jane Austen
  • participate in a sprint triathlon

Life & Style:

  • go to a live Olympic event (or two…swimming, gymnastics, diving, hockey to name a few)
  • pay off all our debts and live on cash as much as possible
  • save up for all big expenses instead of using credit
  • travel to France and visit all the places I studied in OAC French class
  • visit England
  • visit Greece
  • visit Italy
  • visit Australia and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
  • see my Indianapolis Colts play live
  • go to the Daytona 500


  • successfully grow and harvest my own garden (my attempts thus far have been failures)
  • grow an indoor herb garden
  • make my own pasta
  • make my own ice cream
  • eat more salad
  • have my recipes printed and bound professionally (thank you, blurb.com!)

I have lots of things I want to accomplish for our home.  I want a proper laundry room, a craft/scrapbook room with tons of built-in storage, a built-in entertainment unit for the family room and many other projects.

Those will stay on the backburner for a while longer.  With unlimited funds, I could decorate and organize to my heart’s content.  But in lieu of winning the lottery we don’t buy tickets to, I’ve narrowed my focus to three major projects I want to tackle this year.

Master Bedroom

Our current scheme is too dark for my liking.  I want to lighten up on the linens and the wall colour and then add a few darker accent colours.  I’m going to keep the black furniture only because it’s too expensive to replace, and too much work to paint white.  I’m thinking cranberry and brown accents.40813940342734577_L2RS36qF_c

Source:  design-seeds.com

I want to add a bit of bling to our bedroom too so I’ve already bought two bling-tastic picture frames.  I also want to try making a bolster pillow like this one:


Source:  etsy.com

I think it could be super cute.  I also fear it could be a rather large headache.  I think I’ll try it anyway…I’ll let you know how it goes.


I love to entertain.  I want to be able to host barbeques and other casual summer evening parties.  I can’t do that without a deck.  Actually, I probably could but it’s not nearly as fun!

Our patio door is off our dining room at the side of the house, so the deck will have to wrap around to the back.  I’m thinking three separate areas for our deck; one each for cooking, eating and relaxing.


Source:  deckfranchising.com

This is the general feel I’m looking for.  I think hubby might want something a little more rustic so there might be a discussion about it.  I do like the white around the base of the deck…it would have to be beige to coordinate with our window casings.


Source:  bhg.com

I love this pergola and I want to recreate something like it on a smaller scale for our deck.  I’m thinking it could be incorporated into the seating area and help provide additional privacy between us and the neighbours.

Semi-Finished Basement

Hubby’s top priority for 2012 is finishing the basement with electrical and drywall.  I want the other two projects done first, but finishing the basement means one step closer to a proper laundry room and craft area.

Hubby says he wants it done for my benefit but I sense a hidden agenda.  His ‘man cave’ is also in the basement and if the walls are built, the man cave becomes free of all my stuff, haha.

His bar fridge was just delivered this afternoon.  If there were a bathroom in the basement, I’d be afraid I’d never see him again.  But…once the man cave is finished, the following rule will apply:


Source: etsy.com

Alright, I know I’m SUPER late in making my to-do list for November, but let’s see how I did in October first!

For Me:
read a new bookyup, I read several Georgette Heyer books
-exercise more regularly…not at all…it’s kinda pathetic actually
get hair cut and highlighted in time for fall family photo shootyes, done!

Crafts/Home Decor:
-four scrapbook pages…nope…my scrapbook area is only half accessible at the moment
-finish art hanger for munchkin’s bedroom…nope…the mdf is primed and sitting on the front porch
start window seat projectmy dad has the mdf and will be cutting it on his table saw for me 🙂

-deep clean the kitchen…not so much.  I did regular clean it though
-make canvas storage bins from diaper boxes…nope.  I have tons of diaper boxes awaiting makeovers to be more functional instead of just taking up space

try two new recipesyes!  I made two kinds of cake, spinach & sausage pasta and sweet potato soup (recipe upcoming)
-make pizza sauce…nope.
plan dinner party menuyes, done and the party was wonderful

get family pictures done for Christmas cardsdone…just waiting for my proof CD
buy life insuranceapplication has been sent in…awaiting approval
buy major Christmas giftsdone and wrapped!
plan stocking stuffers for hubby and munchkindone…stocking are filled…now to keep munchkin from digging into it too early!

The holiday season is starting…I’ll be busy!

For me:
-exercise three times a week (I need to quantify it or I’ll never do it…three sounds reasonable and if I do more, bonus!)
-reread an old favourite book

Crafts/Home Decor:
-four scrapbook pages
-finish window seat project
-decorate for Christmas

-better organize front entry closet
-make canvas storage bins from diaper boxes

-finalize menu for holiday open house
-try a new recipe

-make Christmas cards

I’m a little slow figuring out my to-do list for October…the post-vacation lack of motivation has hit and I’m having a hard time dragging myself out of it!  I got off to a really good start in September but fizzled out half way through, as you’ll see…

For Me:
-get back into regular exercise during my time off from work…nope, didn’t do this.  I intended to re-start my Couch-2-5k, did one jog and stopped.
read a new bookYes, I read a new Georgette Heyer book while I was on vacation in Montreal

Crafts/Home Decor:
-make an art hanger for munchkin’s bedroom…it’s partially done.  Still have to paint it and add binder clips
sew accent pillows for munchkin’s roomyes, done.  Munchkin loves them…as much as a 19-month old loves pillows.
-four scrapbook pages…nope.  I got my scrapbooking area organized (again…it’s a constant job) so this is actually possible now.

better organize the basementyes, it’s finally possible to walk from one end of the basement to the other without risking hip fracture or ankle sprain.
-deep clean the kitchen…nope…total lack of motivation

try a new recipeI tried a recipe for sweet potato fries but they weren’t as crispy as the recipe advertised.  Next time, deep-frying.
-make pizza sauce…no.  I should just give up on this.
host a football party (Go Colts!)yes.  Done.  Totally cheated and bought the spinach-artichoke dip instead of making it myself

-buy life insurance…nope.  Seriously…what’s wrong with me?
thoroughly enjoy my trip to Ottawa and Montreal with hubby and munchkin!…I really did.  Can’t wait to scrapbook the pictures!

The holiday season is rapidly approaching…time to buckle down and get things done!
For Me:
-read a new book
-exercise more regularly
-get hair cut and highlighted in time for fall family photo shoot

Crafts/Home Decor:
-four scrapbook pages
-finish art hanger for munchkin’s bedroom
-start window seat project

-deep clean the kitchen
-make canvas storage bins from diaper boxes

-try two new recipes (with Thanksgiving and a dinner party planned, this should be easy!)
-make pizza sauce
-plan dinner party menu

-get family pictures done for Christmas cards
-buy life insurance
-buy major Christmas gifts (I have no intention of being anywhere near a mall in December!)
-plan stocking stuffers for hubby and munchkin

Well, another month has passed (too quickly, in my opinion) so let’s see how I did with my productivity in August!

For Me:
-be consistent with my cardio exercise…I tried but the humidity is brutal…my gym needs more fans in the cardio room
read a new book…yes, I read two Georgette Heyer.  Which reminds me, I have two more and the library return deadline is rapidly approaching!

Crafts/Home Decor:
-DIY a jewelry organizer…nope, not yet.  I found a different idea that I want to try and I need a trip to IKEA first!  So this goes back on the list for September
pick out fabrics and paint for munchkin’s room  Yes!  The room is painted (minus some minor touch-ups) and I’ve already sewn the curtains.  I have some fabric waiting to be made into accent pillows too.
finish munchkin’s bed and dresser  Yes, the dresser and bed are both done!
four scrapbook pages  I think I finished these the first day of August, haha!

organize the too-small baby clothes for storage  Yes, another crossed off item.  They’re all in one very large tote, organized with younger sizes on top, older on the bottom.

-try a new recipe…nope.  Summer makes me lazy.  I hope for better things in September.
-make a batch of pizza sauce to freeze…nope, didn’t do this either.  Again, better things.

-buy life insurance…nope.  It’s so easy, you can do it online these days.  Bug me so I’ll do it.
Well, what should I strive to do in September?

For me:
-get back into regular exercise during my time off from work
-read a new book

Crafts/Home Decor:
-make an art hanger for munchkin’s bedroom
-sew accent pillows for munchkin’s room
-four scrapbook pages

-better organize the basement
-deep clean the kitchen

-try a new recipe
-make pizza sauce
-host a football party (Go Colts!)

-buy life insurance
-thoroughly enjoy my trip to Ottawa and Montreal with hubby and munchkin!

July wasn’t so productive…sigh…haha!

July To-Do List:
For Me:
-run three times per week…Nope…running is difficult right now; the humidity and I don’t really get along but I’m trying to keep at it
read a new bookI read two new books this month…which may account for why I didn’t get too much else done!

Crafts/Home Decor:
-DIY a jewelry organizer…no, my jewelry is still sitting in a plastic box in a jumble
-four scrapbook pages…no, but I did organize my pictures and my scrapbooking area is tidy again so scrapbooking is again possible
-paint the munchkin’s new bed…the bed is primed and almost ready for paint.  I did paint the munchkin’s dresser so that will be finished first

-clean (and possibly paint) the third bedroomthe bedroom is clean!  and I’m almost done with the stripes and hope to paint the other walls this week
organize scrapbooking areadone!

-try two new recipes…no…the meal plan has gone out the window in deference to summer’s more relaxed meals…I love BBQ!
-make a batch of pizza sauce to freeze…nope.

-buy life insurance!…didn’t do this either…totally forgot!

August To-Do:
For Me:
-be consistent with my cardio exercise
-read a new book

Crafts/Home Decor:
-DIY a jewelry organizer
-pick out fabrics and paint for munchkin’s room
-finish munchkin’s bed and dresser
-four scrapbook pages

-organize the too-small baby clothes for storage

-try a new recipe
-make a batch of pizza sauce to freeze

-buy life insurance


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