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I’m going for a mini-theme this week…bridal showers!

My sister got married last September so her bridesmaids and I threw her a lovely personal wedding shower in August.  We decided on a brunch theme for the menu and added some bling in the decor…nothing overboard, just some subtle touches!

More details about the menu/decor/games upcoming on Wednesday, but I wanted to show you how we added some shine to cheap plastic glasses that we used for our yogurt bar.

IMG_1069 I don’t have a great close up picture to show you.  I wanted pre-portioned servings of yogurt for the yogurt bar so the guests didn’t have to worry about it oozing into the other things on their plates.  I bought cheap plastic wine glasses from Dollarama…the ones with the band of ridge detail around the bottom.

I bought some glitter acrylic paint from Walmart and simply painted the ridge band.  The ridge band made it super easy to paint because I didn’t have to worry about making sure my lines were straight.

The paint I got wasn’t opaque enough to get the look I wanted with one coat so I played around with some other options (glitter and mod podge, epsom salts and glue) but they didn’t work out.  I ended up doing three coats of the glitter paint…thankfully I had help from the bride and other bridesmaids!

This project cost me about $3 and looked super cute, especially when the yogurt was actually in the cups!

More bridal shower goodness coming up for the rest of the week!


It’s Monday again, which means time for another mini project!

This project cost me a grand total of 83 cents (well…technically $2.50, but that makes 3).

I finally got around to covering one of the diaper wipes boxes that I’m using in my pantry cabinet to organize our non-perishables.

IMG_2114The only thing I had to buy for this project was the polka-dot ribbon to use as a decorative accent.  The black fabric is actually some old curtains that I had from my old apartment.  I knew I’d saved them for five years for a reason!

I simply used my trusty hot glue gun to cover the boxes and added the ribbon.

The label is actually a frozen juice concentrate top.  I have a stash of them that I was going to use for another project but discovered that they make excellent dry erase labels.

I simply glued it on, and voila!  Pretty boxes for the inside of my pantry!

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I was reminded by a friend of mine that I completely missed my Mini Project Monday post last week.  I confess that I completely forgot about it…that was the day that I got my new iPhone and I was slightly distracted by playing with it!

But now that I am used to my new iPhone and it no longer distracts me for an entire evening, it is on to this week’s project…

I made this anniversary date pillow with some micro suede that was leftover from our old living room slip covers.  I’d planned to make a pillow like this for ages since I saw one pinned on Pinterest and I finally decided to bite the bullet when our couch cushions started shedding tiny bits of leather.  I couldn’t handle the constant brown flecks of leather everywhere, so I stole the stuffing from the pillows and recycled into this cute pillow.

I used freezer paper to make a stencil, cutting out the numbers and ironing it onto the fabric.  If you haven’t used it before, freezer paper is awesome for making stencils to paint on fabric.  I also used it to make my Mr. & Mrs. Pillows and Scrabble Tile Pillows.  There’s lot of tutorials out there on using freezer paper…perhaps someday, I’ll remember to photograph the entire process and do my own!

You can use any old paint you want when painting the fabric…this is the same paint that I used in our family room to repaint the rocking chair and side table.  I waited for the paint to dry, took off the freezer paper and voila!  Anniversary date pillow.

I did make one mistake though…because I work in the health care field, I read the date as year-month-day.  It was called to my attention that not everyone reads this way when a friend asked, “What happened on August 5, 2010?”

We were married May 10, 2008 and that’s how I read the pillow.  Apparently not everyone does.  Oops!

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