Just Call Me Martha Stacey

About Martha Stacey

My friends dubbed me Martha Stacey years ago for my attention to detail, particularly when it comes to entertaining and holidays.  My coworkers, without knowing about this nickname, starting using it because of my obsession with being organized!

I am a fulltime registered nurse, wife to a wonderful hubby and mother to a rambunctious toddler.  I love my work as a nurse, but would love to quit and pursue design someday!  I considered quitting nursing school halfway through but tuition bills caused me to think wiser of that plan.  Hubby is a handy gentleman and can fix a great number of things…including some of my home decor projects gone wrong!  Munchkin, my term for my little boy for the purposes of this blog, makes me laugh more than anyone else I know with his antics and facial expressions.

I love entertaining my family and friends with more party ideas than time or money.  I love dreaming about what my home will look like someday and slowly completing the process of getting it there.  My projects are getting more ambitious as I gain more confidence and skill and have debated buying my first power tool…don’t ask what it will be…can’t decide!  Thankfully, hubby has a stash already and my dad works in construction so he has lots too!  My arsenal of DIY supplies is steadily growing and I anxiously await the day when I can go out to the garage and pick up any colour of spray paint to transform something.

I love football and NASCAR.  I listen to nothing but country music.  I sing on the music team for our church and am a member of the October-December kitchen committee.  I would more than anything to have an organized basement.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as I improve and organize my home into the one I have in my imagination!


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Brittany @ Creating Space for Five

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