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Bridal Shower Goodness!

Posted on: March 6, 2013

Time for the third installment of bridal shower goodness!

As I’ve mentioned for the past two days, we threw a bridal shower for my sister back in August and I’m sharing some of the details with you!

The bridesmaids and I decided on a brunch menu and set the shower to start at 11am…perfect timing!  It also allowed the guests (and us!) the flexibility of still having the rest of the day available for other engagements instead of taking up the entire afternoon.

Our menu consisted of:
Baked French Toast
Yogurt Bar (vanilla yogurt served in plastic glitter cups, a variety of fruits and homemade granola)
Bacon and Cheese  Quiche
Vegetable Quiche
Cinnamon Coffee Cake
Milk, Orange Juice, Tea and Coffee


The beauty of this menu is that the majority of the prep was done ahead.  The french toast and quiches just had to be baked on the day of and the coffee cake was baked ahead of time.  Really the only food prep I had to do on the morning of was cut up fruit, portion yogurt and prepare the beverages.


As you can see from the above picture, we used sparkly picture frames to showcase the menu cards.  When planning a party like this, I try to pick a decor theme that I can fulfill from stuff I already have in the house.  These frames were from our master bedroom…the menu is just taped on top (didn’t even have to remove our wedding pictures!).

IMG_1070I bought some diamond and pearl stickers from Dollarama and we used them to spread the sparkle in other little ways.  We made the napkin rings out of scrapbook paper that covered paper towel rolls.  We also made chalkboard food labels and custom envelopes for the game prize gift cards.

Speaking of games…I’m not really a fan of the typical bridal shower games.  I have no desire to be dressed in a toilet paper dress…it’s not my idea of a good time.  I’ve actually googled “non-lame shower games”…and found a surprising amount of results, so clearly I’m not the only one!

Ashley was in charge of the games and we played romantic mad libs and cheesy love song “name that tune.”  The mad libs were read aloud and the bride picked the winner…hilarious!

My top advice for hosting any party (I think I’ve mentioned this before) is to ALWAYS make sure that the dishwasher is empty.  In my experience, guests want to know where to put their dishes…and most are quite happy to put them right into the dishwasher if it’s empty.  It saves so much time in clean up!


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