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Pinspirations: Chocolate Bar Sweet Treats

Posted on: February 21, 2013

I love chocolate.  In fact, I’ve got deep-dish brownies in the oven right now.  So what better theme for my pinspirations this week?

Disclaimer:  I haven’t actually tried any of these recipes…but they look delicious!

sweet1 Source:  The Internet Chef

Doesn’t this cake look just amazing?  Hubby just looked over my shoulder and was very disappointed when I said I wasn’t making it for him.  :)  I don’t even want to think about how many Reese’s Cups I’d have to buy to make this…taking into account the need for quality control testing, of course!

sweet2 Source:  My Baking Addiction

I actually bought the ingredients to buy these brownies once.  Then I ate the Twix bars.  Better luck next time.

sweet3Source:   Annie’s Eats

I would rather make cupcakes over a cake anytime.  It’s probably because of my inability to decorate cakes but I can do cupcakes.  And I do love me some Snickers bars.  Someone I know is turning 30 this year…perhaps someone should make them for her birthday!


2 Responses to "Pinspirations: Chocolate Bar Sweet Treats"

I want the Twix one…it looks like it had loads of caramel and you know how much I love caramel!

The Snickers cupcakes instead of an ice cream cake? That could likely be arranged ….

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