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Master Bedroom Reveal

Posted on: February 6, 2013

As I mentioned at the beginning of the year when I was reviewing my Home Goals for 2012, our master bedroom is almost finished.  The only things left to add are a full length mirror (that isn’t in the budget right now) and a quick art project (that requires me to have a printer that isn’t out of ink!).


The bedroom is finally in a state where photographing it is acceptable so I thought I would show you the changes we’ve made in there.  I love how bright it is now!

When we were first married, the wall was a colour called Cappuccino and we had a brown and blue bedroom set.  Here’s a peek at the “before”:


Photo Credit:  Toniette Giesbrecht (tonnigphotographer.com)

This picture was taken when I was pregnant with Munchkin#1 but since I chronically fail at taking “before” pictures, it’s the only one I have of our original bedroom decor.  Between the brown duvet cover, black furniture and brown sheer curtains, the bedroom felt way too dark and I got fed up with it after about two years.

The black furniture had to stay so I decided to lighten everything else in the room.  I painted the wall in Oatmeal and took the duvet cover off the duvet, leaving just the white linen.  I sold the metal headboard and upholstered one of my own.


I replaced the brown curtains with ones that I sewed myself, from cranberry blackout fabric…a necessity for shift-workers!  I used grommets so it is easy to push the curtains to the side to let in the light during the day.

You can see my Mr. & Mrs. pillows that I made ages ago..they fit into this colour scheme better than the brown/blue one.


I hesitated about buying another Expedit for the wall opposite our bed but I LOVE all the storage potential it offers.  Right now, it’s holding some of my scrapbooking supplies while the craft room is under construction.


Here’s the first shot again…I DIY’d the industrial chic wall sconces about eight months ago.  Hubby’s bedside table is a little bare, but I have a mini project planned that will bring another hit of cranberry away from the curtains.

I love how nice the bedroom looks with the bed made.  I never understood making the bed when it would only get messed up again in 14-16 hours.

I understand now…I feel like I totally have my life together when the bed is made!

TDC Before and After

1 Response to "Master Bedroom Reveal"

Boo to making the bed. Though I do like it when the bed is made look-wise, I can’t stand making it and it seems colder when you get into the bed at night. How I wish you could make a bed but have it be as cozy as when it’s not made…

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