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Sneak Peek: Craft Room

Posted on: January 30, 2013

I’m going to start this post with a disclaimer…the pictures are pretty awful!

We have no natural light in our basement so the only light currently in my craft room area is a single bulb in the ceiling.  But, I’m so excited about the progression of my craft room that I’m going to show you the pictures anyway.

The drywall is all up and three of the walls are painted a gorgeous pink colour.  The craft area is still partially acting as storage, so we could only drywall three walls at first before moving the stuff out of the way to do the fourth.

The bottom half of the wall isn’t painted because I’m going to put beadboard wallpaper there.  And I guess I should explain the un-dry-walled patch…that’s where the water valve for the house is, which has to be accessible.  We’re still mulling over how to work around it.

Having some paint on the walls really makes me feel like we’re making some progress.  There are still many steps to complete before it’s perfect:  finish drywall, paint, wallpaper, flooring, lighting, furniture, storage, decorating.  Yikes…that list makes me feel tired already!

I’m excited about all the storage that is going to be packed into this room.  We finally moved my new (thanks Emily!) Expedit down from the living room and it will fit perfectly between the wall and the fuse box.  It used to be black…now, thanks to some Zinsser primer and paint, it’s white!


I’m envisioning pegboard for my craft supplies and gift wrapping supplies.  A crafting work desk with storage cube sides.  A slim desk with filing cabinets to serve as a home office space.  And of course, some fabulous DIY art for the wall!  I can’t wait!


1 Response to "Sneak Peek: Craft Room"

Can’t wait to see it!! Must be nice to have a little crafting area. I have the old kitchen table and it’s not very big.

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