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Pinspirations: DIY Wall Art

Posted on: January 17, 2013

I love when my pinspirations develop their own theme without me having to think about it.  This week’s pins (mostly) all have a nature/tree theme.

Source: Pinterest/pinme.ru

I love the idea of using metallic spray and having the bright acrylic paint peeking through from underneath.  I would use all the same colour…maybe pink for the craft room/office?

Source: Busted Button

I actually had two pins of button tree art on my Cute Things Pinterest board.  I like the idea of doing this in a series of four with different colours to represent the four seasons…blue and white for winter, pink for spring, green for summer and orange and yellow for autumn.  Again, maybe for the craft room?

Source:  Better Homes and Gardens

This was my original idea for the family room wall above our sectional couch, but I never got around to it, so I went with the Framed Bottle Art instead.  I still like the black and white look with the branches in winter, white framing mats and black frames…perhaps I’ll find somewhere else to put a project like this.

Source: Etsy.com

This last one doesn’t follow the tree theme, but I love these wedding vow canvases.  However, the price tag (north of $500 for the pair) is so not happening.  Even though we went with traditional vows instead of writing our own unique ones, I like the idea of having them in plain view where we can see them everyday.  I’m not sure how I would DIY this, but I’m looking forward to trying it!


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