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Home Goals 2013

Posted on: January 1, 2013

I have a lot of things I’d like to do around our house and property this year, but on a maternity leave budget, I have to prioritize what I’m going to be able to realistically complete.

Craft Room/Office

All my scrapbooking supplies have been packed up in our cold room since April-ish when we started constructing the basement walls.  With Munchkin#2 here now, I’m feeling the compulsion to scrapbook since I am woefully behind (still have 2011 album, sister’s wedding and pregnancy albums to start/finish) before I start his first year scrapbook.  This is difficult with limited access to my stuff and no dedicated area to spread out and be creative.

We already have the flooring, paint and beadboard wainscoting wallpaper needed to finish the room once the drywall is done and I think if I want progress, I may be recruited to help with sanding.

I have a 4×4 Expedit Shelf ready and waiting and a French door to separate my space from the next door man cave.


Source:  pinhomeideas.com

I’ve seen several pictures of desks like this and find myself drawn to them.  I can easily pick up two cube shelves at Walmart and add a top to recreate the desk for myself.  I’d probably stain the top to match the laminate flooring so I don’t have to repaint the shelves.  I would put it in the middle of the room, so that two people could work from opposite sides.


Source:  www.magzmagz.com

I would LOVE to have an office area that was this organized.  I’ve been trying to carve out a mini office space since we moved into this house and haven’t been successful yet.  I have an idea for where something like this could go in my craft room/office area.

Laundry Room


Source:  Ballard Designs

I have wanted one of these laundry drying racks for years, ever since I saw one featured in Canadian House and Home magazine.  I know it would be super easy to make one, especially if I have leftover beadboard wainscotting from the craft room.

Like the craft room, we have most of the materials needed in order to finish the laundry room already without any further major financial investment, so that’s why it’s second on my list.


Source: www.decodir.com

I think these decals would be super cool on the outside of the pocket door leading to the laundry area.  I recently read a tutorial about how to use contac paper like vinyl so I might try and recreate them on my own.

So those are the two major projects that I want to tackle this year.  They will both fit within the limited maternity leave budget since we have almost all the construction materials needed for completion and I’m really excited to have my scrapbooking space back.  I would put the deck back on the list for this year, but hubby and I are going to splurge on a cruise for our fifth wedding anniversary so that project will have to remain on the backburner for now!


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