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DIY Wall Sconces

Posted on: April 4, 2012

Our master bedroom revamp is coming along quicker than I had expected…yay!  The walls are painted, our wedding pictures are up on the wall, we have a new Expedit opposite our bed for extra storage.  The only things that remain to do are make our new upholstered headboard, sew a few more throw pillows and buy new linens.  Oh, and eventually get a full length mirror.

Okay, maybe I’m not as far as I’d like to think but I digress…

I’d toyed with several ideas for art above the soon-to-come headboard but none of them seemed to grab me.  I contemplated putting our wedding pictures above it but because of the height it will be, it would be too high.  I wanted the art a little closer to eye level.

I LOVED this idea for an industrial chic sconce from Shanty-2-Chic.  And I knew I could make some of my own for next to nothing (when I started blogging and being DIY-obsessed, I had no supplies so every project was expensive…now I have a built up stash of paint/MDF, etc…loving the almost free projects!!).

I had four pieces of 10″x10″ MDF in the garage (that were supposed to be part of a wall-mounted bedside table project that never happened) so I primed and painted them black.

I bought the glass cylinders at Dollarama and the hose clamps (also called worm clamps) at RONA…make sure you get the vases first so you know what size clamps you’ll need.

Hubby stepped in to help me drill pilot holes through the clamps opposite the adjustable screw and I mounted the clamps to the middle of the MDF.  I inserted the vases and tightened the clamps to hold them tight…they don’t budge!

 At that point, I referred to the tutorial in the link above to see what kind of hanging hardware used…only to discover that I should have attached it before mounting the vases.  Oops!

I attached picture hanging hardware to the back of the MDF (very carefully, so as not to break the glass vases) and hung them above our bed.

I know…the candles aren’t all the same size, but it’s what I had on hand!

Total Cost=approximately $13+tax!!
MDF, paint, candles=already had
glass vases=$5
hanging hardware=$4

And here’s a shot in the dark with the candles lit!

Once the bedroom makeover is all finished, I’ll show you how it looks with the rest of the room!

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7 Responses to "DIY Wall Sconces"

LOVE it!

Stacey – it looks great!

So pretty! I love those Shanty girls and their great ideas. You know, I think the different size candles make it more interesting, especially when lit. You did a great job! Now to do the same with my spare wood and hose clamps…

[…] the first shot again…I DIY’d the industrial chic wall sconces about eight months ago.  Hubby’s bedside table is a little bare, but I have a mini project […]

Wow! The picture with the candle lighting is amazing! Thank you for sharing your journey and the link to the tutorial. I think I might have to roll up my sleeves and make my own!

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