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IKEA Lack Hack

Posted on: March 14, 2012

Through the magic of Pinterest, I stumbled across this lovely little idea a while ago.

I’d been struggling with feelings of malcontent with our lower level family room at the time.  We have a beige and brown sectional sofa for seating there and the curtains are also chocolate brown.  I thought it needed an injection of colour to add some personality but I wasn’t sure how to do that without a major project.  We’re not about to replace the sofa anytime soon and since we have an open concept home, painting the walls would entail painting the entire main living space.  Not happening.

We have three of those Lack side tables in our home and I knew I could complete this project quickly and cheaply (yay!).  And it would be an easy way to add some colour.

Remember a while ago when I posted about my latest trip to Fabricland where I scored some awesome blue-teal-ish coloured fabrics?  Well, with my latest RONA gift certificate, I bought some matching paint for my new side table.

The hardest part of this project?  Convincing hubby that he could part with one of the side tables from his ‘man cave.’  He was using one for his computer and one for the TV, but we had an extra TV stand upstairs which suits that purpose better (and it’s more sturdy, which is good with a toddler around).

I disassembled the tables and primed them with Zinsser CoverStain primer…great for glossy surfaces with no sanding required!  I used two coats of RONA semi-gloss paint, in “Room is Versailles”…LOVE the name!  Someday, I’ll visit Versailles.

I added a coat of Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish (you know, in case the toddler goes nuts with the crayons someday) before I reassembled it.  I did have a few minor touchups to do once I had put the legs back on since tightening them scraped a little paint off.

I used wood glue to attach the two tables together (I only used two legs from each table, the opposite corners from each) and let it set overnight.

And here’s the finished product!!

I LOVE the colour and can’t wait to see it spread around the room.  We have an IKEA chair that has a frame that I intend to paint out in the same colour and I’ll probably use it in some photo mats for the new wall art I want to do.

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[…] for.  We already have the brown in the couch and curtains and I’ve added some blue in the cube side table and rocking chair.  More blue, white and cream will be brought in through the accent […]

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