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Pinspirations: Bridal Shower

Posted on: February 15, 2012


My little sister (or as she used to refer to herself…my big (taller) sister) is getting married this year.  Guess who’s maid of honour?!?

She gave all her bridesmaids a charming personal letter and a card, asking them to participate in the wedding.  I got a lovely, touching letter…but my card was different.  Mine said that I was in the wedding whether I liked it or not because she was the bride and that’s just how it was going to be.

Good thing I’d already assumed I would be maid of honour!

I have so many ideas for her bridal shower…and Pinterest is a blessing and a curse.  So many good ideas, it’s hard to pick just a few.  I’m thinking we’ll go with a brunch theme and here are some of the ideas I want to incorporate…

Source: Pinterest/theidearoom.net

I love the mason jar drinks and definitely want to try them.  You can buy special lids that have holes in them to accommodate the straw but I found a tutorial so I can do it myself.

Source: Pinterest/iloveswmag.com

Isn’t this yogurt bar idea brilliant?  So easy to assemble and everyone gets what they want.  If guests ask if they can contribute food, which a lot of our friends would, it would be so easy to assign them one kind of fruit to bring.  Less work for us and the guests can get involved in the preparation if they want.

Source: Pinterest/familyfun.go.com

These little frittatas look so easy.  Once again, guests can pick the ingredients that they want, so everyone is happy with what they’re eating and picky eaters don’t have to worry!

Source: Pinterest/hostessblog.com

I love the little shot glasses…they look so cute and dainty but refined at the same time.  And who wouldn’t love French toast you can eat with your hands??

I can’t wait to plan little sissie’s shower…hope the other bridesmaids go for these ideas!


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What great ideas!!!

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