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Fabric Store Scores!

Posted on: February 5, 2012

I’ve been to Fabricland three times in the last month and have come home with some major scores thanks to their Fall/Winter Clearance Sales.

We’re…or rather, I…am in the process of redoing our master bedroom (hoping to paint on Monday!!  Eeee!!) so I’ve been looking for fabrics to turn our dark bedroom into something lighter and fresher.

I’m going with a more neutral palette, with cranberry accents…

The cranberry fabric came from the blackout drapes I made recently and I have enough left over to add to some accent pillows.  The top right fabric will be used in the upholstered headboard I’m going to DIY and the other two will be accent pillows (the picture makes it hard to see, but one is a stripe fabric and the other is a wavy pattern).  I got the headboard fabric for $2/metre!

I’ve had my eye on these fabrics every time I go in but I didn’t know where I would put them.  The family room downstairs has been a room without a scheme so I think these new fabrics will take up residence there.  It will be a change from the green in the living room, but will create pleasing sight lines in our open concept house.

I bought this blue satin to make a fun shirt for me 🙂   I don’t know where I’ll wear it but I’m sure I’ll find an appropriate occasion.  I was tempted to get pink but decided to go with a colour that I don’t typically choose.

And finally, a less than half price leather storage box so I can keep all my current project supplies corralled in one place instead of sprawled all over the house!


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