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Dining Room Display Cubes

Posted on: January 27, 2012

This is another project that has been in progress for weeks months.  I’m really good at those.

I asked my dad last May to make some storage cubes out of MDF.  I intended to use them on the blank wall in our kitchen, but instead, I put my chalkboard wall calendar there.  So the cubes sat in the garage for more than a year while I decided where to put them instead.

Years ago, I saw a project on Trading Spaces (Remember that?  The emergence of Ty Pennington!) that I really wanted to have in my home instead.  It was basically solid cubes of wood mounted on the wall with flower and candles sitting on top of them.  For a while, I had planned to DIY them myself and mount them to either side of my dining room mirror.  But I never did.  Surprise.

In December, I decided that instead of using solid cubes, I could use the ones my dad had made for me and put flowers and candles inside.  So I finally finished priming the MDF cubes and painted them.  I had intended to have them in place in time for our holiday open house, but it didn’t happen because I stumbled upon a problem.

I couldn’t figure out how I was going to attach the cubes so they were  flush to the wall.  This was a problem.

After some brainstorming, my dad made some brackets that I painted the same colour as the wall and attached to the cubes with wood glue.  Hubby installed them today…

 I love them already and I can’t believe I managed to match the spray paint so perfectly to the stain on the mirror (Rustoleum Painter’s Choice Expresso)!

I can’t wait to style them with flowers and candles…and Christmas ornaments when the holiday season rolls around again!

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