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My Life List-Rough Draft

Posted on: January 17, 2012

I found this idea while surfing in blogland and thought it was neat…a list of things I would like to do in my lifetime…a bucket list, if you will.  I’m not going to be dissatisfied with my life if I don’t achieve all these things; it’s more of a wish list than a ‘must-do’ list.  I’m sure it will evolve as I grow older and my priorities change…that’s why it’s just a rough draft!

House and Home:

  • have a walk in pantry
  • have a fully functioning, beautiful craft room
  • have an ensuite bathroom (preferably with a whirlpool tub 🙂 )
  • host an annual holiday party for friends and family
  • have a room designed by Sarah Richardson (this may be more of a pipe dream!)
  • create a “command central” for our home…where schedules, chores, etc can be organized
  • have a garage I can park my car in
  • have in-floor heating in my home


  • take an annual family vacation
  • help my hubby and son create their own life lists and help them achieve it
  • have a regular date night with hubby
  • have a regular family night with hubby and my son

Health (Body/Mind/Spirit):

  • run a 10K race
  • become the type of person who exercises regularly
  • read the Bible cover to cover
  • be able to enroll in a once a week class (my current rotating schedule doesn’t allow that)
  • read 20 classic novels
  • read all of Jane Austen
  • participate in a sprint triathlon

Life & Style:

  • go to a live Olympic event (or two…swimming, gymnastics, diving, hockey to name a few)
  • pay off all our debts and live on cash as much as possible
  • save up for all big expenses instead of using credit
  • travel to France and visit all the places I studied in OAC French class
  • visit England
  • visit Greece
  • visit Italy
  • visit Australia and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
  • see my Indianapolis Colts play live
  • go to the Daytona 500


  • successfully grow and harvest my own garden (my attempts thus far have been failures)
  • grow an indoor herb garden
  • make my own pasta
  • make my own ice cream
  • eat more salad
  • have my recipes printed and bound professionally (thank you, blurb.com!)

1 Response to "My Life List-Rough Draft"

Love it – particularly the “health” section! You go, girl.

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