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Home Goals 2012

Posted on: January 3, 2012

I have lots of things I want to accomplish for our home.  I want a proper laundry room, a craft/scrapbook room with tons of built-in storage, a built-in entertainment unit for the family room and many other projects.

Those will stay on the backburner for a while longer.  With unlimited funds, I could decorate and organize to my heart’s content.  But in lieu of winning the lottery we don’t buy tickets to, I’ve narrowed my focus to three major projects I want to tackle this year.

Master Bedroom

Our current scheme is too dark for my liking.  I want to lighten up on the linens and the wall colour and then add a few darker accent colours.  I’m going to keep the black furniture only because it’s too expensive to replace, and too much work to paint white.  I’m thinking cranberry and brown accents.40813940342734577_L2RS36qF_c

Source:  design-seeds.com

I want to add a bit of bling to our bedroom too so I’ve already bought two bling-tastic picture frames.  I also want to try making a bolster pillow like this one:


Source:  etsy.com

I think it could be super cute.  I also fear it could be a rather large headache.  I think I’ll try it anyway…I’ll let you know how it goes.


I love to entertain.  I want to be able to host barbeques and other casual summer evening parties.  I can’t do that without a deck.  Actually, I probably could but it’s not nearly as fun!

Our patio door is off our dining room at the side of the house, so the deck will have to wrap around to the back.  I’m thinking three separate areas for our deck; one each for cooking, eating and relaxing.


Source:  deckfranchising.com

This is the general feel I’m looking for.  I think hubby might want something a little more rustic so there might be a discussion about it.  I do like the white around the base of the deck…it would have to be beige to coordinate with our window casings.


Source:  bhg.com

I love this pergola and I want to recreate something like it on a smaller scale for our deck.  I’m thinking it could be incorporated into the seating area and help provide additional privacy between us and the neighbours.

Semi-Finished Basement

Hubby’s top priority for 2012 is finishing the basement with electrical and drywall.  I want the other two projects done first, but finishing the basement means one step closer to a proper laundry room and craft area.

Hubby says he wants it done for my benefit but I sense a hidden agenda.  His ‘man cave’ is also in the basement and if the walls are built, the man cave becomes free of all my stuff, haha.

His bar fridge was just delivered this afternoon.  If there were a bathroom in the basement, I’d be afraid I’d never see him again.  But…once the man cave is finished, the following rule will apply:


Source: etsy.com


5 Responses to "Home Goals 2012"

DO you clean it? If so, then take it back and tell him he can’t have a man cave. Lol, there so will not be a man cave when I get a house. There will be a rec room and it will be all mine.

Popping by via The Nesting Place – that pergola with the glass block is amazing! Good luck on all your plans for 2012.

Calli@Strawberry Roan Design

Cute ideas for 2012! Love the bedroom bling and man cave sign. Never thought of painting a room based on cherry cake, but now that you mention it, why not?!

Love the photos of the deck & pergola!

[…] going to post my Home Goals for 2013 tomorrow but figured I should review how I did on my goals for 2012. I had wanted to redo our master bedroom, build a deck and semi-finish the […]

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