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October Summary/November To-Do

Posted on: November 10, 2011

Alright, I know I’m SUPER late in making my to-do list for November, but let’s see how I did in October first!

For Me:
read a new bookyup, I read several Georgette Heyer books
-exercise more regularly…not at all…it’s kinda pathetic actually
get hair cut and highlighted in time for fall family photo shootyes, done!

Crafts/Home Decor:
-four scrapbook pages…nope…my scrapbook area is only half accessible at the moment
-finish art hanger for munchkin’s bedroom…nope…the mdf is primed and sitting on the front porch
start window seat projectmy dad has the mdf and will be cutting it on his table saw for me 🙂

-deep clean the kitchen…not so much.  I did regular clean it though
-make canvas storage bins from diaper boxes…nope.  I have tons of diaper boxes awaiting makeovers to be more functional instead of just taking up space

try two new recipesyes!  I made two kinds of cake, spinach & sausage pasta and sweet potato soup (recipe upcoming)
-make pizza sauce…nope.
plan dinner party menuyes, done and the party was wonderful

get family pictures done for Christmas cardsdone…just waiting for my proof CD
buy life insuranceapplication has been sent in…awaiting approval
buy major Christmas giftsdone and wrapped!
plan stocking stuffers for hubby and munchkindone…stocking are filled…now to keep munchkin from digging into it too early!

The holiday season is starting…I’ll be busy!

For me:
-exercise three times a week (I need to quantify it or I’ll never do it…three sounds reasonable and if I do more, bonus!)
-reread an old favourite book

Crafts/Home Decor:
-four scrapbook pages
-finish window seat project
-decorate for Christmas

-better organize front entry closet
-make canvas storage bins from diaper boxes

-finalize menu for holiday open house
-try a new recipe

-make Christmas cards


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