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Pinspirations: Fitness

Posted on: October 18, 2011

I’ve been having some issues with motivation to exercise lately.  So I took to Pinterest to motivate me…here’s hoping!


Yup…it’s probably true.

I was big into running in the winter and spring but the humidity of summer killed my running habits.  Trying to get back into it but the progress is slow.


Oh man…my eating habits are terrible.  I can be good all day and then I can’t stop myself from eating constantly in the evening after dinner.  I should blow this up and put it on my refrigerator…and pantry cabinet…and any place I’m likely to stash chocolate for a late-night craving.  But this next pinspiration may help me kick that habit:

Source:  Pinterest/weheart.com

Today is the first day…so far, so good.  I try not to keep candy in the house and I simply won’t bake cookies, cakes, muffins or pastries.  I never buy white bread and I don’t eat a lot of peanut butter and other spreads. 

Chocolate, fast food and ice cream will be the real challenge.  I crave chocolate…a lot.  I’m already wanting it and day one isn’t even finished yet.  We have fast food when I get lazy and don’t want to cook dinner.  Is pizza considered fast food?  If so, I’m in trouble!


Running Photo:  Pinterest/getting-fit-for-me.tumblr.com
Gym/Abs Photo:  Pinterest/missfitclothing.com
No Junk Food Challenge:  Pinterest/weheartit.com


5 Responses to "Pinspirations: Fitness"

yes, pizza is considered fast food…it’s covered in cheese and grease and it’s made of bread

what if i make it myself?

perhaps, but it’s still essentially the same food, perhaps it counts. I don’t know, i’m not all that into pizza anymore so it doesn’t occur to me to check if i can eat it…gives me too much heartburn

A lady I used to know who was trying to follow such a diet but had a craving for chocolate would allow herself a certain number of chocolate chips a day (small number!) and found she could stick to that. Others find that small taste just makes them want more.

I’m afraid you get that taste from this grandmother 😦

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