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Baking Failure

Posted on: October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, I was working nights leading up to Thanksgiving so I volunteered to bring dessert to hubby’s family gathering, knowing that I could make it ahead of time on Friday morning and not lose any sleep.

I don’t usually reveal the result before the story, but here it is:


Isn’t that awful?  I almost cried.

I pulled the cake out of the oven and after the recommended ten minutes, I tried to take it out of the pan and this was the result.  I blame a mixture of my inexperience with my tube pan and sheer stupidity.

I stared at my beautiful apple walnut cake in disbelief for a good sixty seconds before trying to figure out how to salvage it.  My attempts to save it only made it worse and I gave up, resigning myself to the inevitable…baking another cake.  This would have to be done on Saturday afternoon, costing this shift-working nurse precious hours of sleep.

The complete collapse of this first cake was only made more frustrating by the fact that over the course of Friday morning, both hubby and I had to take trips out to the grocery store to get ingredients I had forgotten.  I threw somewhat of a fit when I realized we were out of eggs and went to get some in a huff of anger with myself only to get home and realize that we were also out of cinnamon.  Hubby made that grocery store run…I think he was afraid I would stroke out.

So that’s the story of this baking failure…and as always, hindsight is 20/20.  Without the collapse of this cake, I wouldn’t have made the caramel cinnamon spice cake that I baked Saturday to replace it (chosen because I had all the ingredients at home and wouldn’t require a third grocery store run).  The caramel cinnamon spice cake, which I will share tomorrow, was even better!  I’m salivating just thinking about it…mmm!


3 Responses to "Baking Failure"

So sorry…but I am still laughing. That seems to happen when I have to take something somewhere. Not sure if it because of rushing or what ever … make the moons not align around my planet. I have done the same as you and not bought what I needed and love you your husband went to the store so that you didn’t stroke out, mine has done the same for me. Good to see that I am not the only one that could stroke out at times….The cake sounds yummy,

don’t sweat it, Stace…it all appeared to turn out for the best and hey, just remember, i screw up my cooking a lot more than you ever do

oh I’ve totally been there. had a complete meltdown once when I was baking a cake for a coworker’s birthday and my 7-minute frosting would. not. set. I whipped and whipped and whipped. boyfriend finally went out and got store-bought frosting. haha!

you could’ve made a delicious trifle out of your broken cake, though! keep that in mind in case it happens again. 😉

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