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Halloween Monster Jars

Posted on: October 4, 2011

I haven’t really decorated for Halloween in past years.  Generally, I wait until the last minute and run through the house in a panic trying to come up with something to add to our jack-0-lanterns on the front porch.  So far, I’m a little more on the ball!

I’ve finally managed to beat the post-vacation lethargy and utter lack of motivation for anything remotely creative.  I found these fun monster and jack-o-lantern jars on Pinterest a few weeks ago and used my leftover jars to make some tonight.

I’ve mentioned my rather large stash of tissue paper following numerous wedding and baby showers but I had not a single scrap of orange tissue paper so the jack-o-lantern jar will have to wait until tomorrow.  I made a yellow, pink and blue monster with Mod Podge, leftover jars, cardstock and tissue paper…total cost=$0!

I cut the tissue paper into two-inch wide strips.  I coated the jars with a layer of Mod Podge and covered the jars with tissue paper, overlapping each strip a little bit.  I cut out faces with the cardstock and used the Mod Podge to adhere those as well before adding one more coat over the entire jar.  I didn’t get a good night picture with tea lights inside but they look pretty fantastic!

The tissue paper ripped in a few places that I had to patch but that’s okay.  They’re monsters…they don’t have to be pretty!


1 Response to "Halloween Monster Jars"

awesome job, Stace…yay for halloween!!!!

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