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September Summary/October To-Do:

Posted on: October 2, 2011

I’m a little slow figuring out my to-do list for October…the post-vacation lack of motivation has hit and I’m having a hard time dragging myself out of it!  I got off to a really good start in September but fizzled out half way through, as you’ll see…

For Me:
-get back into regular exercise during my time off from work…nope, didn’t do this.  I intended to re-start my Couch-2-5k, did one jog and stopped.
read a new bookYes, I read a new Georgette Heyer book while I was on vacation in Montreal

Crafts/Home Decor:
-make an art hanger for munchkin’s bedroom…it’s partially done.  Still have to paint it and add binder clips
sew accent pillows for munchkin’s roomyes, done.  Munchkin loves them…as much as a 19-month old loves pillows.
-four scrapbook pages…nope.  I got my scrapbooking area organized (again…it’s a constant job) so this is actually possible now.

better organize the basementyes, it’s finally possible to walk from one end of the basement to the other without risking hip fracture or ankle sprain.
-deep clean the kitchen…nope…total lack of motivation

try a new recipeI tried a recipe for sweet potato fries but they weren’t as crispy as the recipe advertised.  Next time, deep-frying.
-make pizza sauce…no.  I should just give up on this.
host a football party (Go Colts!)yes.  Done.  Totally cheated and bought the spinach-artichoke dip instead of making it myself

-buy life insurance…nope.  Seriously…what’s wrong with me?
thoroughly enjoy my trip to Ottawa and Montreal with hubby and munchkin!…I really did.  Can’t wait to scrapbook the pictures!

The holiday season is rapidly approaching…time to buckle down and get things done!
For Me:
-read a new book
-exercise more regularly
-get hair cut and highlighted in time for fall family photo shoot

Crafts/Home Decor:
-four scrapbook pages
-finish art hanger for munchkin’s bedroom
-start window seat project

-deep clean the kitchen
-make canvas storage bins from diaper boxes

-try two new recipes (with Thanksgiving and a dinner party planned, this should be easy!)
-make pizza sauce
-plan dinner party menu

-get family pictures done for Christmas cards
-buy life insurance
-buy major Christmas gifts (I have no intention of being anywhere near a mall in December!)
-plan stocking stuffers for hubby and munchkin


2 Responses to "September Summary/October To-Do:"

I see you didn’t take the “make pizza sauce” off your list. I admire your determination. Shockingly, I’ve already started my Christmas shopping when usually i’m the one at the mall in December, wandering around and cursing people.

no, i didn’t take it off…forgot to…hopefully i will actually do it this month. i am quite shocked about the christmas shopping…good for you!

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