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Olioboard: Craft Room

Posted on: September 26, 2011

When we were shopping for our first home, hubby and I toured several model homes.  One of the model homes had the most gorgeous craft loft that I sometimes still daydream about.

If I could have chosen with my heart and not my head, we totally would have purchased that model and I would have had a beautiful crafting space, completely finished from day one.

But instead, I have a space in the unfinished basement.  It’s got lots of room, but…
a.  it’s too cold
b.  it’s not child friendly, especially for a curious munchkin like ours
c.  it makes my allergies flare up like nobody’s business.

Hubby is insisting that as soon as the budget allows, the basement will be finished.  As an aside, it should be interesting if it doesn’t get done before spring because then it will be battle royale over basement vs. deck (I hope deck wins!).

Anyway, I got thinking about my perfect craft space and I envision that it will have LOTS of storage space since the room will have to do double duty as storage.  Here’s the Olioboard I’ve created:

I already have the pink-ish paint and can’t wait to use it…it’s the only room in the house that hubby will let me touch with pink paint on my roller.  I’m thinking a pink wall and then different accent pieces like a bulletin board, etc. to coordinate.

I love the idea of a frosted glass French door.  We’ll see what hubby says.  He’s already shot down the laundry room chandelier idea.  Boo.  That battle may be fought again…and again…until I win.

You may have noticed, I love the Expedit from IKEA.  I’m thinking I can probably fit two Expedits along the one wall of the room and open shelving above which will add TONS of storage.  I know I need lots of task lighting…one bare bulb just does not really cut it for scrapbooking or sewing.

I can totally DIY the A-Z bookends with some MDF letters and wood scraps.  Look for that project…eventually.


1 Response to "Olioboard: Craft Room"

yay! it’ll happen stace! I know you have an expedit, but I’ll share my advice anyways- I wish I had gotten 2 of the 8 squared ones, instead of the 16 square one for moving purposes… lol, but remember how much I move…. lol! Have you seen the desk that connects to it? space saver! Let’s scrapbook soon!

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