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My Latest IKEA Trip!

Posted on: September 23, 2011

During our recent trip to Montreal, hubby, munchkin and I made a stop at IKEA to spend the birthday gift card from my in-laws.  Hubby kept munchkin occupied (which was no easy task…thanks honey!) while I browsed the showroom and the warehouse, looking at the wonderful decor and organizing goodies and deciding how to spend my money.

I had set myself a rather strict budget, not wanting to spent too much more than my gift card…which is rather difficult when surrounded by so many cool things.  I probably could have spent hours wandering in the different departments but being mindful of hubby’s dislike for IKEA (I know, right?  Crazy!), I made my choices somewhat quickly.

We picked up some colourful plastic (non-sippy) cups for munchkin…he loves them!  Cup!  Cup!  This is what we hear many times a day.

I also grabbed a larger reusable bag…because I never remember that they don’t provide plastic bags anymore.  I also got a bunch of wooden pants hangers (can never have too many of those) and three large glass bowls for $4 each…score!

I was wandering through the kitchen section when I saw a brilliant idea and the light bulb went on over my head.  They had mounted a stainless steel rod (Gruntal) on the backsplash of one of their display kitchens and hung white plastic canisters from it to act as an indoor herb garden.  I LOVED this idea…totally genius!

I’ve talked about my partially black thumb before and my attempts to grow herbs that were only marginally successful.  I would love to have fresh herbs at hand throughout the winter and hopefully, having them indoors where I will see them EVERY SINGLE DAY will help me not neglect them to the point of death.

When I found this idea, I (almost…after a tiny amount of waffling) immediately trotted down to the warehouse and picked up a Gruntal rod, hooks and Asker ceramic hanging pots (they were cuter, more durable and cheaper than the plastic utensil holders) to create my own indoor herb garden.

Hubby put it up for me today and I already love it.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to find the herbs I want at this time of year, but I did find some potted basil at Walmart of all places, so I’m 25% of the way there!

I’m thinking I’ll also get parsley, oregano and thyme…those are the herbs I like most.

I emerged from this trip spending $37 (after factoring in the gift card) which is a huge record for me.  And I didn’t forget my credit card at home or leave my wallet at a Tim Horton’s an hour away either!


4 Responses to "My Latest IKEA Trip!"

i’m glad you didn’t have any money source problems this time. perhaps it’s only when i go with you!!

I have parsley & oregano, Stace – could probable divide a small plant for you if you like.

how about draining after you water the herbs? Isnt that a problem?

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