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Jewelry Organization!

Posted on: September 20, 2011

But first, a disclaimer…the pictures in this post are not very good.  Our closet has lighting that is not conducive to good photography.

Anyways…as you may know, I have been searching for months for a good solution for storing my jewelry.  This is what I had before:

Nice, eh?  Whenever I went to select some jewelry, it would all come out in a jumble of metal.  I’d had enough and had searched the internet high and low, changing my mind a million times.

Finally, I’d really had enough and decided to do something with supplies I had on hand.  I had a wire shelving unit that I wasn’t using so I took it apart and used the back for my jewelry hanger.  I spray painted it silver and tied a ribbon to the top to hang it.

I hung my jewelry on it and stood back to revel in the results…

Much more organized!  I still have some bracelets that don’t have clasps and other accessories left over so I’ll have to either use s-hooks to hang them or find a small shelf and store them in cute little bowls…jury’s still out on that one!


1 Response to "Jewelry Organization!"

I saw another idea – push pins around the top edge of a lampshade, with jewellery hung on them – quite a way to decorate a lampshade!!! I like your idea.

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