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Capital Getaway!

Posted on: September 18, 2011

Hubby, munchkin and I just returned from a lovely week of vacation to Ottawa and Montreal.  We spent three days touring around Canada’s capital city, taking in the sights and learning about our country’s history before taking off to Montreal and spending the rest of the week relaxing and catching up with family and friends!

Monday morning, we did the Parliament building tour after going up to the Peace Tower and Memorial Chamber.

Random fact I Learned:  The Queen is not allowed to enter the House of Commons in Parliament.

That afternoon, we walked across the river to Gatineau and went to the Museum of Civilization.  Munchkin was quite cranky so we didn’t spend as much as there as we could have, but he did enjoy the children’s museum a lot…to the point of throwing a temper tantrum when we were ready to leave!

Random Fact I Learned:  England is the only country that doesn’t put its name on postage stamps (England issued the first postage stamp)

That night, we went to Carmello’s Italian restaurant and they have excellent pasta.  The service was so fast and the food was delicious (so much that hubby wanted to return on Tuesday!)!

Tuesday morning, we went out to the RCMP Musical Ride stables and went on a tour there.  Munchkin couldn’t stop staring at the horses but he shyed away from petting them.

We had a tour of the Supreme Court of Canada and fed our cranky munchkin before walking down Sussex Drive to see some of the historical and government buildings there.

Random Fact I Learned:  The cornerstone of the Supreme Court building is inscribed with the wrong date.

We’d been blessed with excellent weather up until this point…when it started to rain.  This was no light drizzle…it was a full-out downpour, complete with hail.  Unfortunately, there was nowhere to hide, so hubby and I got drenched.

We retreated to the Rideau Centre for some impromptu shopping before going to the Royal Canadian Mint for a tour.  This tour had munchkin captivated…probably all the shiny coins!

Random Fact I Learned:  The Mint makes circulation coins for many foreign countries.

Wednesday morning, we went back to the RCMP stables and watched the new horses practice for joining the Musical Ride in January.  Truthfully…it was kinda boring…a lot of walking in circles and lines.  But munchkin got to run around on the grass so it was all good.

We did a quick tour of the grounds of Rideau Hall, the home of Canada’s Governor General and took a family shot on the Terry Fox Peace Fountain.

After lunch, we visited my great-uncle and aunt before heading out to Montreal, where we spent a very relaxing few days, catching up with friends and family…and playing lots of Killer Bunnies!


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I love visiting Ottawa. Sounds like you had a great time.

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