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Olioboard: Living Room

Posted on: September 12, 2011

My latest Olioboard features my upstairs living room.  The colour theme has been leaning towards fairly neutral with green accents, which is a little surprising for me.  I wouldn’t have said that green is a favourite colour of mine, but I’ve found myself increasingly drawn to it, especially when it comes to interior decorating.

Several of these pieces are already in my living room, including the photo panel (ours has three instead of just one) and the IKEA loveseat and chairs.  The Expedit shelf on its side represents the window bench that will be added soon, as it will have clean lines and several cubbies to store my scrapbooks.  I already have all the brown baskets that will fill the cubbies.

I’m excited to find both classic and geometric prints to use as accent pillows on the loveseat.  I love the green glass lamp and definitely have to keep my eye open for one of those!

I found an amazing tutorial on how to build a sofa table with shelves but that will have to wait until after the window bench is done.  We currently have sheer green curtains but I want some that will offer a little more privacy like the ones pictured above.

I’m also loving the look of that round coffee table.  The one we have currently is rectangular and I think a round one will offer more space to manoeuver around the seating area…in addition to looking great!


1 Response to "Olioboard: Living Room"

GREEN!!! You know I love it to a somewhat obsessive and frightening amount, so I very much approve of this

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