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Pinspirations: Pillows

Posted on: September 8, 2011

I have several pillow projects that I’m focusing on during this, the first week of my vacation, so I thought I’d share some pillow pinspirations with you.  This post is for you, Shannon!  You may notice a theme within a theme here too!

Source: etsy.com/Pinterest

I love this idea and I want to make one for our bedroom to go along with our Mr. & Mrs. pillows I made a few weeks ago.  I also like the organic look of the burlap cover on this pillow.

Source: etsy.com/Pinterest

I love the shiny ivory buttons featured on this pillow…I can see myself making one with an S for the chair in my craft room when that room comes together (after the flooring…drywall…shelving…lighting…oiy!)…eventually!

Source: budgetwisehome.com/Pinterest

The big numbers on the front of these pillows would be easy to recreate with freezer paper and paint…the back definitions might be a little harder!  I might make some of these for our family room sectional…it can handle lots of pillows!

Source: delicateconstruction.blogspot.com/Pinterest

Not to be a spoiler, but this is the project I’m working on right now…and I hope to reveal it tomorrow!


1 Response to "Pinspirations: Pillows"

oooooh….numbers and letters!!! I’m totally awesome for guessing the theme within a theme. also, i need some pillows for my couch because it’s horridly empty without them.

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