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Accent Pillows for Munchkin

Posted on: September 7, 2011

I finished two accent pillows to add to my munchkin’s room last night.  They haven’t spent much time in the actual room, since munchkin has hauled them out into the living room so he can sit on them while watching television…but whatever makes him happy!

I bought the fabric and pillow forms at Walmart and the first pillow is a blue printed fabric.  The second one is white with blue stripes and this was slightly more complicated because I painted the stripes with acrylic paint.

I found an article on Pinterest about painting fabric and decided to give it a try on an accent pillow.  Here’s how I did it:

1.  I ironed and cut the fabric to the right size
2.  I marked the fabric with lines to indicate where I wanted the stripes
3.  I used regular painter’s tape to tape out the lines and went right ahead and painted them (I used a small bottle of acrylic craft paint and had leftovers for a 14×14 pillow)
4.  I let the paint dry and then sewed the pillow as I normally would

I took the tape off the pillow right away because I’m impatient like that.  I was only intending to paint stripes on the front and leave the back white but the paint bled a little where I hadn’t pressed down the tape well enough.  After lamenting this fact for a while, I painted stripes on the fabric I had cut for the back of the pillow, made this the front and used the paint bleed piece for the back.

I always make my pillow covers to be removable and the way I do this allowed me to cover up the paint bleed quite nicely.  Next time I make pillow covers, I will take pictures all the way through and do a tutorial.  Anyways, I’m glad the paint bled because the pillow looks way better with both sides painted.

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