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I Heart New Storage Cabinets!

Posted on: September 6, 2011

A friend of mine mentioned on Facebook that Canadian Tire had storage cabinets on sale for $40…50% savings.  So I skipped (okay, I drove) on over this morning and picked one up.  Hubby assembled it and now it’s storing all of my scrapbooking supplies and my sewing machine.

The new cabinet clears up two filing cabinets and the horrible disaster shelf that was intended for the kitchen but ended up in the basement for other uses.  We’re (or rather, I am) in the process of sll00wwwly reorganizing the basement in the hopes of putting in drywall and flooring…for the sake of my allergies, the sooner the better!  Despite my year-long project of purging (more than 440 items gone in one year), we still have way too much stuff cluttering up the basement.

But I digress…with the shelf and filing cabinets now available again, I’ll be able to reorganize the basement a little better…which in turn will force me to go through all the clutter and get rid of things.  Our cold storage room is in sad shape and desperate need of organization too, so I’m headed back to Canadian Tire tomorrow to pick up another storage unit!  I can’t resist such a great deal!


3 Responses to "I Heart New Storage Cabinets!"

i’d like to pick one up too, but there’s nowhere in the apartment to put it

that is the exact thing we bought, only we bought two and are using the doors as shelves elsewhere! and its for the pantry…lol. small world? or just shared savings enjoyment?!?!?!!

haha…i saw what you said about the sale on facebook and ran right out to buy one for myself!

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