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Kitchen Trouble Spots

Posted on: August 31, 2011

I was in the mood to clean and organize the other day and I spent a good three hours working around the house tackling various tasks.  Munchkin had been whisked away by his grandmother (thanks Mom!) and I was determined to make the most of his absence so I was on a mission!

Hubby was home from work a little earlier than normal and for some reason, he cloistered himself in our bedroom.  Apparently, crossing my path when I’m cleaning is not something he wanted to risk.  Go figure.

Anyways, I did some work in the kitchen and decided that I had had enough of the disorganization underneath our kitchen sink.  Someday, I will have custom built shelves to organize that space, but until then…sigh.

I pulled everything out and discarded a few things.  The empty milk cartons are for a winter project I hope to do this year.  Once I put everything back in, it fit a lot better…and will hopefully stay this way.  Which means I’ll have to conquer my habit of opening the door, tossing something in and closing it quickly before the item can fall out!

I found an idea on Pinterest to store my freezer paper, aluminum foil, wax paper and sandwich baggies in an upright magazine holder and they’re tucked into the side of the under-sink cabinet.  This freed up a lot of space in my spice drawer, which was sadly in need of attention.

I’m a firm believer that plastic baggies (unless they’ve been used for meat) can be reused at least once…good for the environment and my pocketbook.  What I lacked was a good place to store them.  They usually just got tossed into the spice drawer and floated around, getting in my way when I’m cooking.  Once the drawer was reorganized, I now have a clearly designated space for the baggies…which means I won’t get frustrated and throw them all out after one use anyways.  Sigh…much better!

I love little five minute organizing projects like these.  It’s hard to believe but they make a huge difference in my sanity when I’m working in the kitchen and my space actually is functional!


2 Responses to "Kitchen Trouble Spots"

1. I’m sorry you inherited my skill at opening a door/drawer, tossing something in, closing it, and hoping for the best.
2. Anytime you feel like re-organizing my kitchen space, I’ll be happy to kidnap the munchkin again. After all, I let your sister re-organize once, so feel I should give you equal time.
3. I KNEW there was a reason I hung onto those magazine storage boxes!

I know! Using the magazine holders freed up half a drawer!

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