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Olioboard: Master Bedroom

Posted on: August 29, 2011

The process of getting munchkin’s new bedroom all organized and decorated set me to thinking about our own bedroom.  It’s quite dark…decorated with black furniture and a dark brown/metallic blue duvet cover.  The windows have brown coverings, and even though they are sheer, they block quite a bit of light.

I decided that I want to lighten everything up and quickly formed a plan to replace or paint all the black furniture to white.  Then I realized…that will be a. expensive and b. very time-consuming.

So I’ve changed my plan and I’m going to lighten our bedroom up with new wall paint, linens and other decorative touches.  But it’ll be a while before it’s done so I went to Olioboard to pull together some ideas that will keep me inspired until I can start working on it.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far…

We already have the Malm dressers and 4×4 Expedit bookshelf with black baskets.  I found a great idea online for a making a sunburst mirror out of wood shims…can’t wait to try it!  I want to do an upholstered headboard and have a platform bed with drawers instead of a box spring.

So many ideas floating around in my head…too little time (and money!)!

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3 Responses to "Olioboard: Master Bedroom"

Make a list!!! Having to wait teaches us so many good things 🙂

Ken & Belinda would like to see you if we can arrange it . They have to leave for the airport around 3 something. Breakfast? Brunch? Coffee – we’ll see.

we get free breakfast at the hotel…early lunch?

you need to chill or you’ll never have any time when you’re not redecorating your place. lol.

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