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Refinished Captain’s Bed

Posted on: August 24, 2011

Good news!  Bedtime was much more successful tonight and munchkin is currently sound asleep in his new room, on his new bed!  The trick?  A new soother.  Apparently that habit has not yet been broken, as evidenced by a 2:30am freak-out that would not be soothed.

Speaking of the new bed, I promised to tell you about it more in a later post…and voila!  Later post.

I bought the captain’s bed from a friend at work…I needed a bed, she wanted hers gone…it was perfect!  It sat in the garage for a while before I finally got around to some modifications.  I enlisted the help of my father and father-in-law to trim down the head and footboard and my dad added a panel to the headboard so it can act as a daybed without having to be pushed against a corner if I change my mind about the furniture arrangement.  I forgot to take before pictures, so you’ll have to use your imagination!

I painted the pieces with Zinsser CoverStain primer.  I’ve mentioned this a few times before…it’s oil-based so I just buy cheap rollers and brushes and throw them out when I’m done.  They have a water-based formula (that in hindsight, I could have used) but it has to cure for 7 days.

Once the primer had cured for 24 hours, I painted the bed with Rona Eco Moonstone paint (white)…same colour as the dresser.  After the paint had dried, hubby added two coats of Minwax PolyCoat (water-based, blue can) while I was out shopping with a friend…thanks hubby!

I was too lazy to make a separate trip to Home Depot on the way home from my shopping trip, so when we were at Walmart, I picked up a package of plain white 3″ handles and some more Krylon spray paint for plastic, in a stainless steel colour.  I love this stuff…I’ve used it on our bedside tables, munchkin’s dresser…love!  I spray painted the handles and then hubby attached them for me…he was a great help on this project!

I picked up sheets and a blanket at Walmart that match the colour scheme really well.  I’m thinking I’ll get a white duvet or comforter closer to winter…no need to fork out the money now!  Though I bet you’re thinking…”White?  Is she crazy?  A white comforter for a rambunctious boy toddler?”

One word…bleach!


4 Responses to "Refinished Captain’s Bed"

It’s not 2:30 yet …. $:)

How was the rest of the night???

the rest of the night was fabulous….he slept right through the storm and everything

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