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My First Olioboard!

Posted on: August 15, 2011

Shocking true story:  I came thisclose to quitting nursing school halfway through second year in favour of going into interior decorating.  The real reason why I didn’t?  My parents were paying my tuition…and it would NOT have gone over well!

I’ve always coveted the mood boards you see on the Internet or get from interior decorators…and wished I could create them for my own home, without the somewhat hefty price tag, of course!

Enter Olioboard .It is an online application that allows the user to create digital mood boards…I discovered this while reading one of the blogs I follow regularly.  Seriously, I could waste hours on this website.

First off…it’s free!  Just create a user account and get started right away.  It has hundreds (more like thousands!) of real products that you can add to your mood boards to create the look you want.  I imagine that most of the products are American and may not be available in Canada, but if you’re just using it to focus your decorating ideas (as I am), it shouldn’t matter too much.  You can save, share and print your mood board and take it on your shopping expeditions.

My first mood board is for munchkin’s room…some of the items (drapes, walls, floor) are already decided but this will give a hint as to the direction I’m going with my little boys bedroom.


4 Responses to "My First Olioboard!"

You’re SO right quitting nursing would not have gone over well! As a sideline career, though, feel free. $:)

Haha…I would quit now if I had a hope of making the same amount of money. I doubt I could expect that just starting out.

And this the realities of life enter the picture!

I’m so glad you posted this. I’ve always wanted to create one of these and didn’t know how. Thanks so much. Off to create a board

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