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Never Again…

Posted on: August 14, 2011

…will I buy rod-pocket drapery panels!  Explanation to follow, but first, a story…

The first pair of curtains that I ever made were somewhat of a complete disaster.  I cut the fabric too short and so had to add a separate piece so I could hang them on the rod.  My seams were messy and I had to rip stitches out several times before I just got frustrated and finished them as quickly as possible.  The ends were uneven and they didn’t block much light…ergo, disaster.

Back to rod-pocket drapery panels…I don’t really like them.  We have them in our living room and master bedroom and they are rather difficult to work with.  It takes much wrestling to get the panels to the side of the window every day in order to let in some light…so much that I usually don’t bother.

I love grommet drapery panels.  They slide easily to the side and back again to let in and block light whenever the whim strikes you.  While they are gaining in popularity, it’s hard to find panels in a wide range of colours (or perhaps I’m just looking in the wrong places).

Munchkin will be moving into a new room downstairs and instead of searching high and low for panels that didn’t match the colour I wanted, I decided to make them myself.  I had searched for drapery grommets online to get a price estimate…and they are really expensive online!  Again, perhaps I was looking in the wrong places.

I took myself off to Fabricland and they had a range of drapery grommets in all the standard finishes…for $9 a package (of 8).  And for members, they were 50% off…SCORE!

I scooped them up and bought fabric and white ribbon for trim and went happily home.  I finished the curtains this afternoon…and this effort was infinitely better than my first attempt!  The white trim is slightly crooked on one of the curtains, but since they’re mainly decorative and will rarely be pulled straight across the window, no one will notice (Disclaimer:  if you’re ever at my house, please don’t look too close!).

One thing I learned about using large drapery grommets…you have to hit them WAY harder than you might think to get them to close.  I was using a rubber mallet and hitting the grommets in a slightly girl-like fashion, wondering why they weren’t working…which led to me getting frustrated…which led to me hitting them harder…which eventually led to success!

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2 Responses to "Never Again…"

love these — wonderful colour & good call with the ribbon — always easier the next time around, eh?

I have done grommets before and they can be tough to do. Good work!

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