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Pinspirations: Window Benches

Posted on: August 11, 2011

I’ve wanted, since the day we moved into our home over three years ago, to have a window bench built into the little alcove that houses our front window.  I envision it to have lots of storage for my scrapbooks underneath the bench and a nice, super-soft cushion to provide a place to read with natural light and extra seating for larger gatherings.  I hope to build it this, or next month…hense the subject for this week’s Pinspirations!

I love that this one is styled in pink…something that hubby will never let me do, but a girl can dream!  Also, I wish that my window view had greenery to look at!

Source: encoreuneminute.tumblr.com/Pinterest

I never would have thought of putting a little in my window nook…definitely adding that to my to-do list!

Source: myhomeideas.com/Pinterest

This is so cute!  I love how tiny it is!  Also love the beadboard…I want to figure out where I can put beadboard in my house.

Source: ikeahackers.net/Pinterest

I would love to be able to just use an IKEA bookshelf for my window bench but the Expedit is just an inch or so too long for that to work.  I already have four baskets picked out to put in the shelves of my future window bench…can’t wait until I have one!




1 Response to "Pinspirations: Window Benches"

I love these ideas! I have a bay window seat that I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with… thank you for the ideas!

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