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Fabric Shopping

Posted on: August 8, 2011

I went fabric shopping this past weekend and scored some great fabric for upcoming projects!  I went searching for fabric for the window bench I’m going to build in our front living room and for munchkin’s decorative curtains (He’ll have a regular blackout blind as well so they don’t have block light completely).

The curtain fabric was found easily and was immediately scooped up into my arms to be cut and purchased.  The window bench fabric was much more challenging.  I found several different coordinating fabrics that would have worked well for the bench and pillows but the saleswoman informed me that with children, they wouldn’t wear well.  Reject!

I found another striped option that also had all the right colours.  It was discontinued and the sign said discontinued fabrics were 75% off, so it would have been $7/metre.  I picked it up but when I got to the cutting table, the saleswoman said it hadn’t been marked down yet so it would cost $21/metre.  I thought, “No way!” and promptly rejected it as well.

Back to the drawing board…I had been looking for a striped fabric but alas, the store couldn’t produce the perfect fabric that I had contrived in my head.  I ended up getting a fabric that I totally hadn’t expected to walk out with…a large green paisley print.  It wasn’t what I was expected but I was surprised to be drawn to the more traditional fabric, which will work well for the window bench and a few pillows for my couch.  And the price?  $4/metre!!!  Less than both of the previous options I had considered!

I took a picture of the fabrics…the colour isn’t totally true because of the indoor lighting, but will give you a good idea of the accent colour for munchkin’s bedroom.


2 Responses to "Fabric Shopping"

LOVE the fabric for the window seat! Judging by the colour of the curtains it looks like munchkin’s little quilt will co-ordinate with his new room too

yeah, the fabric I bought for the new curtains is lighter than I had originally wanted but I’m going to go with it!

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