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Stripe Wall Finished!

Posted on: August 5, 2011

The wall of stripes in munchkin’s new room is finished!  And I LOVE it!

Every time I finish a project that I love, I always go back to it several…okay, many…times and look at it, revelling in the gloriousness that I have created.  I’ve peeked into the room at least six times since I finished the stripes last night!

I just did it again…and a happy little grin formed on my face.  I’ll say it again…I love the stripes!

I wanted to have a grey stripe both at the top and bottom of the wall, which meant I needed to have nine stripes of alternating grey and white.  Eight stripes would have been easier since we have eight foot walls…no math would be needed…but I needed nine.  So each stripe is 10.25″ wide.

I measured, marked out the lines and painted four white stripes.  Four coats of paint and the realization that I should have used primer later, I measured and marked out the lines again before taping them out for the grey stripes.

Our walls have just enough texture to make imperfect lines when removing the tape (as I discovered in my chalkboard calendar project) so to prevent this, I added a thin coat of white paint over the edge of the tape…so if bleeding occurred, it was the same white instead of grey.

I painted the grey stripes next…only two coats this time!…and then the moment of truth came.  I pulled the tape off and the lines were perfect!  I had to do a few touchups where the pencil lines were visible and where I hadn’t gotten complete coverage on the white stripes but the lines look amazing!

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8 Responses to "Stripe Wall Finished!"

I LOVE LOVE LOVE stripes too and your are gorgeous!

I take it this is his new room, not the existing one??

yes, his new room downstairs

Oh, I love horizontal stripes, and it looks like you did a fabulous job on them! I know from experience that those aren’t as easy as some may think they are. Looks great!

Your painted wall looks fantastic. You have every reason to feel pleased with the results. Go have another look!

love it! what were the paint colors you used?

the white is Rona Eco in Moonstone and the grey is Sico Stonehenge

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