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July Summary/August To-Do

Posted on: August 3, 2011

July wasn’t so productive…sigh…haha!

July To-Do List:
For Me:
-run three times per week…Nope…running is difficult right now; the humidity and I don’t really get along but I’m trying to keep at it
read a new bookI read two new books this month…which may account for why I didn’t get too much else done!

Crafts/Home Decor:
-DIY a jewelry organizer…no, my jewelry is still sitting in a plastic box in a jumble
-four scrapbook pages…no, but I did organize my pictures and my scrapbooking area is tidy again so scrapbooking is again possible
-paint the munchkin’s new bed…the bed is primed and almost ready for paint.  I did paint the munchkin’s dresser so that will be finished first

-clean (and possibly paint) the third bedroomthe bedroom is clean!  and I’m almost done with the stripes and hope to paint the other walls this week
organize scrapbooking areadone!

-try two new recipes…no…the meal plan has gone out the window in deference to summer’s more relaxed meals…I love BBQ!
-make a batch of pizza sauce to freeze…nope.

-buy life insurance!…didn’t do this either…totally forgot!

August To-Do:
For Me:
-be consistent with my cardio exercise
-read a new book

Crafts/Home Decor:
-DIY a jewelry organizer
-pick out fabrics and paint for munchkin’s room
-finish munchkin’s bed and dresser
-four scrapbook pages

-organize the too-small baby clothes for storage

-try a new recipe
-make a batch of pizza sauce to freeze

-buy life insurance


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