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MSGA Strikes Again!

Posted on: July 29, 2011

There are two things I like about gardening:
1.  How the end result make the outside of my home look better
2.  The tan I get from working outdoors in the spring and summer.

I don’t enjoy the actual work of gardening, which is probably why my gardens have been such colossal failures for three summers running.  The first summer I blame on the constant state of nausea I suffered during my pregnancy.  The second summer, I had a young infant who required constant feeding and whose naps were never predictable.  This summer, munchkin always naps for at least an hour after lunch so in theory, I should have at least an hour a day to work on my gardens.

Note the words ‘in theory’ in that above statement.  It didn’t pan out that way.  My vegetables gardens are beyond saving at this point in the year and my front flower garden features a dying rhododendron and several empty patches where the spring bulbs have bloomed and then died.

My MSGA (or Mid-Summer Gardening Apathy) returned with a vengence and finally caused me to realize something.  Instead of trying to overcome this apathy…or just plain laziness, whichever you choose to call it…I should embrace it and plan my gardens to accomodate this foible of mine.

Canadale had a sale and an email coupon so I packed up the munchkin and set out to shop with a renewed purpose…looking for low-maintenance shrubs that don’t require a lot of attention.  I found several good options and brought them home, promptly planting them in my front garden.  I bought two Green Mountain Boxwood, a Foxglove Digitalis, two Hostas and an Adam’s Needle Yucca.  The boxwood and yucca are super easy to care for over the winter, which was another plus.

I added some forest brown mulch, which makes the whole garden look tidier and will reduce my weeding time…score!  There’s still some empty spots towards the front but next spring, I intend to downsize the garden and bring it back slightly towards the house.  Hopefully, I will be able to revive the rhododendron before fall and I will plant more spring/summer/fall bulbs throughout the year.

Low maintenance scrubs and plant-once-and-forget-it bulbs?  I think I can handle that!


1 Response to "MSGA Strikes Again!"

The garden looks great, Stacey. Leave room for the new plants to expand some. You’ll be surprised how quickly the empty spots fill in another season!

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