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As the Mood Strikes: Painting Stripes

Posted on: July 27, 2011

My munchkin’s new bedroom has been on my mind quite a lot lately.  I had decided a while ago to paint it grey and decorate with white furniture and turquoise-y blue accents.

I was a little worried that the grey would be too dark and wondered what to do about that.  A few days ago, I randomly decided that I would paint white stripes on one of the walls…and that’s what I’ve done!  Usually when it comes to these kinds of decorating decisions, I tend to waffle back and forth forever until I decide but this time, I went for it immediately!

After four (!) coats of white paint (and the realization that I probably should have used primer so that many coats wasn’t necessary), I’m really excited to see the whole room painted.  I still have to paint the grey stripes but I’m really liking how it looks already.  Even though hubby looked at it and asked, “Umm…you’re going to straighten out those lines, right?”

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4 Responses to "As the Mood Strikes: Painting Stripes"

Are you??

haha, yes, I am…but I figured that the white stripes didn’t have to be straight to start since I have to paint the grey afterwards anyway and can fix the crookedness later.

Maybe it’s just me being my usual random self, but I LIKE the unstructured edges. It seems more kid-ish to me than perfectly straight lines. But then, that’s my life – unstructured. 😉

I did, for a brief moment, consider leaving them like that 🙂

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