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Organizing Projects…Big and Small!

Posted on: July 20, 2011

Today, I tackled the third bedroom in our house.  And I won.  Finally!

Every since we moved in over three years ago, this room has been relegated to storage room status.  Everything that didn’t have a designated place (and a few things that did) ended up in this room.  I don’t think very many of our friends and family have actually seen this room…since the door is always closed when company is over.

I have tried several times to corral the mess in the third bedroom and have failed each time.  But because we’re hoping to move our munchkin down into this room in the next few months, I was determined to win.

I didn’t get a before picture, but that’s probably a good thing.  The after picture is no less exciting!

It hasn’t looked this clean since the day we closed on the house sale.  The closet has a few things inside and the old bed is still there, but the room is pretty much ready to be painted next week!
In the process of cleaning out the bedroom, I had to figure out how to condense most of our office supplies into one small filing cabinet drawer in the basement.  The desk is now part of my scrapbooking area and I needed more space for my supplies, so all the pens, pencils, post-it notes and other miscellaneous office things were organized into some pretty containers and stored in the drawer.  The papers and such now take up residence in a large IKEA Branas basket.


2 Responses to "Organizing Projects…Big and Small!"

just in time to have a second child. how convenient. :):)

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