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Posted on: July 3, 2011

I love Pinterest!

For those of you haven’t heard of it…you are missing out!  It’s basically an online catalogue for all things wonderful on the Web.

I used to visit several design and decor websites on a weekly basis and save anything I thought was interesting or that I wanted to try.  Each website required a user name and a password, which I could never remember if I wasn’t on my own computer, making it very difficult to access my saved articles or pictures.

This is no longer necessary with Pinterest.  I just ‘pin’ any website I like and it saves it into the Pinterest system in the ‘pinboard’ or slideshow that I choose.  One username…one password…hundreds of ideas from different websites saved in the same place!  And I can see pinboards that others create, giving me access to thousands of inspiring ideas I never would have found otherwise!

I’m starting to gather ideas for decorating our third bedroom for my munchkin.  Eventually, we’ll need the upstairs bedroom for his siblings (no, I’m not pregnant…just saying :)) and munchkin is getting too big for his crib.  I have a captain’s bed that I bought from a friend at work and I think I’ve narrowed down the colour scheme.

Here’s a few inspiring images I found on Pinterest:



I love the bolster pillows on the captain’s bed and the fact that it doesn’t have a distinct headboard or footboard.  The blue colour on the bed platform (second photo) is what I’d like to use as an accent colour to make the grey walls and white furniture (which is what I’m planning for munchkin’s room) really pop!

If you want to join Pinterest, you can go to the site and request an invitation or leave a comment and I can invite you!


3 Responses to "Pinterest!"

the first set of beds looks like a loooooong drop for a wee child…just saying.

yeah, i thought so too…perhaps that’s why there are footstools

i’m going to have to say that footstools will not save the poor child as it tumbles into the abyss

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