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June Summary/July To-Do

Posted on: July 2, 2011

Well, June was sort of  a weird month for me.  I didn’t get a lot of things done from the list I published at the beginning of the month, but I did complete some bigger projects I hadn’t planned on (namely, bedside tables and storage cabinets for our basement).

For Me:
-be consistent with P90X workouts…nope, didn’t do this AT ALL!
watch a new movieI watched Salt with Angelina Jolie…pretty good considering I’m not really a huge fan of hers.  I also don’t like when the plot blatantly ends in such a way to make a sequel inevitable.  But overall, very entertaining and kept me guessing for most of the time.

Crafts/Home Decor:
get pictures developed for scrapbookingnot in June but I did order them just today…I’m glad I waited because Walmart has an awesome promotion on their photofinishing until July 5!
-finish four scrapbook pages…nope…my scrapbook area isn’t set up at all so this was impossible.
-create jewelry organizer…again no.  I want to purge some of the jewelry I don’t wear before I do this.

-organize third bedroom (again!  sigh!)…if anything, it’s gotten worse
-organize serving dishes into new dresser upstairs…well, I’ve done half of this…still a few more to go.

start formulating ideas for winter holiday open houseyes, this is done!  I have a tentative guest list and draft menu started!
-try two new recipes…I only tried one…sweet potato fries with montreal steak spice!

-buy life insurance…nope, sigh.  I got an online quote but just have to buckle down and buy it.
-figure out Father’s Day gifts…I was working Father’s Day and I dropped the ball on this one.  Hubby wants a new computer, so his gift with go towards that.

I have bigger hopes for July!
July To-Do List:
For Me:
-run three times per week…I’ve got my eyes set on working up to 10k!
-read a new book (or an old favourite!)

Crafts/Home Decor:
-DIY a jewelry organizer
-four scrapbook pages
-paint the munchkin’s new bed

-clean (and possibly paint) the third bedroom
-organize scrapbooking area

-try two new recipes
-make a batch of pizza sauce to freeze

-buy life insurance!


1 Response to "June Summary/July To-Do"

You are amazing, Stacey. It is a very brave thing to publish a to do list and be held accountable! You looked fabulous at church today… all that running must be paying off!

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