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365 in 365: June…The Final Month!

Posted on: June 30, 2011

Well, I had wonderful intentions to finish strong in my final month of serious decluttering to completely my 365 challenge.  It didn’t happen, haha.

I did get rid of a few things but I meant to go through all my old jewelry and a few areas in the house that needed some decluttering attention.  Life got in the way however, and I didn’t get rid of as many things I had hoped.  Although, I did get rid of my old car…to make room for the brand new 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe that now fills its spot in the driveway!

Here are my totals:
bathroom:  2
electronics:  4 (thanks to my hubby for these ones!)
bedroom:  3

Total for June:  9     Yearly Total:  442

A year of decluttering and 442 things gone from my house.  I can’t say as I’ve missed anything I’ve gotten rid of, especially the clothes I hadn’t worn for years a long time but couldn’t let go of.

Does my house feel any ‘lighter’?  If I’m honest…not really.  Our spare bedroom is still a disaster; our garage is full of furniture to be finished and hardwood floors for the basement along with other various junk; the basement hasn’t really changed much at all…it’s still got too much stuff and not enough organized storage.


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