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Bedside Tables

Posted on: June 26, 2011

Our current bedside tables have zero potential for storage.  They’re the simple Lack side tables from IKEA so they were the right price when I bought them as a relatively new graduate five years ago.

The problem now is that it is practically impossible to keep them de-cluttered…and I find at the end of the day, having a bedside table full of stuff really irritates me when all I want to do is relax.  I can’t fully relax in my bedroom if it’s messy and my bedside table collects books, hair accessories, my glasses and other miscellaneous items along with the normal staples like my alarm clock and lamp.

...complete is miscellaneous junk!

I scored two bedside tables from my local Swap, Buy and Sell Facebook group for $25.  I had gotten the directions from the seller and compared the new dimensions to my old tables, finding they were approximately the same size but quite a bit taller.  They have three very deep drawers and I’m excited about all the storage potential!

They were a hideous laminate so I used my favourite primer (Zinsser Cover Stain) to cover it and painted them black to coordinate with the rest of our furniture.  The handles were plastic and I used a nickel finish spray paint to paint them before I painted the rest of the drawers black.  The paint job is a little sloppy around the edges of the handles because the tape didn’t really work so well…but no one is really going to look that closely…I hope!

I put the  bedside tables in place and discovered that they are HUGE!  I knew they were taller than our previous tables but seeing them in place really accentuates how big they are.  I think the other tables look small in comparison because there was open space underneath while these ones are solid.

My long-range plan for this room is to have an upholstered headboard which will stand out a little more than our current one, making the tables seem a little more to scale.  I also want to build a platform bed with drawers, which will raise the height of our mattress slightly, again making the tables more to scale.  But that’s a ways off and I’m sure we’ll get used to the new bedside tables soon…I know I’m excited about having more storage!  (I’m also totally over the lamp…long range plan is wall mounted sconces!)


2 Responses to "Bedside Tables"

at least yours are too big and you can make the bed higher. the ones we got are sooooo small. though i will say they’re adorable and we’re just using them anyway in other areas of the room. and they were only ten bucks for the pair.

Once you forget the look of the former tables you’ll get used to the new ones, Stacey. Nice to have so much storage right beside you!!

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