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Painting Laminate Furniture

Posted on: June 23, 2011

I, like many others, once thought that it was impossible to paint laminate furniture with the major time investment of sanding down every surface so the paint would adhere.  I was wrong and now stand corrected.

I discovered Zinsser Cover Stain Primer while reading some past posts from Kate at Centsational Girl who had refinished her laminate storage unit.  She has a step-by-step tutorial that details exactly how to do it yourself…this is information everyone should have!

I’ve used the primer before while refinishing a desk that my friend had and loved the results so I invested in an entire gallon, knowing I had several projects that I would need it for (bedside tables and a captain’s bed for munchkin…coming up soon!) in addition to the shelves I bought for $40 from Kijiji.  These are going in our basement to store out DVD and other media in hubby’s man cave.

I took the doors off the bottom of the shelving units and cleaned them.  I pondered the fact that the previous owner had painted only one shelf in a different colour (it was clear she hadn’t used Zinsser primer) and moved on to taking the shelves out to prepare for priming.  I primed the shelves with two coats of primer and sanded the rough portions.

I bought some RONA Eco Recycled paint in Moonstone after a failed attempt at spray painting the shelves…two cans covered almost one shelf with one coat and I didn’t feel like buying another eight or so cans.  Two coats of paint later and I was (almost) finished.

Putting the doors back on was beyond frustrating and would have been much easier if I’d waited for hubby to come home and help me, but I didn’t.  So I put the doors on myself in way more time than should have been necessary, including the new hardware I bought from Home Depot.

These shelves are going to form the basis of our built-in unit in the man cave downstairs.  There’s a good seven feet between the shelves once they’re placed in the corner and I’m envisioning another two towers of DVD shelving flanking each of the existing shelving units with a bench seat in the middle (for hubby’s video game nights).

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2 Responses to "Painting Laminate Furniture"

I’m still so amused that these are the exact same ones that we have on either end of our entertainment stand, aside from the fact that since they are multiple hand me down (at least two previous owners) the shelves are gone aside from those that were permanently screwed in.

that is funny….i may add one more shelf on each unit to maximize the ability to store DVDs

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