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DVD Organization

Posted on: June 22, 2011

We’ve stored our DVDs in stackable file crates for three years.  The time had come to figure out something a little sophisticated and user-friendly!

I scored two bookshelves for $40 through Kijiji a few weeks ago but wasn’t totally in love with the finish.  I painted them white (more on that tomorrow) and now they’ve taken up residence in our basement.

Hubby mentioned in passing that all his DVDs wouldn’t fit in the shelves…and I secretly thought, “Challenge Accepted!”  (I love HIMYM!).  I won.  Should’ve put money on it…or chores.

All the DVDs, VHS, Blu-ray (admittedly, we only have six of these) and hubby’s PS3 games fit into the two shelves…with room to spare.  The bottom cabinet of one of the shelves is still empty.  I did triple stack the VHS in the bottom cabinet of the first shelf but really, who even watches VHS anymore?  Not us.

You might be surprised that I didn’t go all OCD on the DVDs and arrange them alphabetically.  For now, they’re just thrown up on the shelves to get them out of the crates and eventually, I may be ambitious enough to arrange them by genre.

Why not alphabetically?  Tempting, yes.  It would make me happy if they were.  But I’d also have the compulsion to keep them that way and I shudder to think of those occasions when we bring home another DVD and have to re-arrange all our pre-owned ones to accommodate for the alphabet.  I may like things in order, but I just don’t have that much time on my hands!

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2 Responses to "DVD Organization"

Get them in alphabetical order you lazy bum!


It looks great. Thanks for linking to the party this week.

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