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Hubby Can Cook!

Posted on: June 21, 2011

My hubby works at a restaurant.  People who do know this assume that he must do most of the cooking around our house.  People who don’t know this assume that he doesn’t cook much at all.  These people would be correct.

It’s kind of a ‘shoemaker’s children go barefoot’ situation.  My mother can identify…she lives with ‘contracter’s wife lives with an unfinished house’ symptom.  I’m sorry, Mom, and I feel for you.  I live with a classically trained chef who doesn’t really like to cook beyond the perimeter of his job.

My aunt once said that I must really enjoy not having to do the cooking since my hubby does it all the time.  I laughed.  Out loud.  She looked at me funny.  That’s when I had to set her straight.  I do the majority of the cooking around our house.

Don’t get me wrong…if I ask hubby to make supper, he will.  He’s always responsible for making quesadillas, which we have about every six weeks.  And he’s very good at making sure that the dinner I’ve pre-made is coming out of the oven when I come home from work…which this 12-hour shift working RN REALLY appreciates!

This past weekend, I was expecting some quesadillas for supper and instead, got chicken fettuccine with homemade bechamel sauce!  It was delicious!  Hubby tends to be too critical on himself but I reassured him that it was a job well done!



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